Circa 1900 offers Australian Grassfed Beef on the Menu

admin June 20, 2017

Australian grassfed beef is good in every way. Raised in pastures, Australian grassfed beef has a natural beefy and flavorful taste. It is a source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which is important for a healthy heart. It also has less saturated fat, making it a great component of a healthy diet.

Australian Grassfed Beef on the Menu promotion will run from 20th of June to 20th of August 2017. It is available in Casa Uno and in Cicada Tapas and Bar in Casa Dos.  For inquiries and reservation, please call (032) 239 6265 or email us at

Circa 1900 Menu for the Australian Grassfed Beef Promotion

“Outback Beef Cheeks” Slowly Pot Roasted with Pepper Jelly, Red Wine & Dark Cacao. Served with Garlic Chive Mash Potato. P695

 “Big Butt Rump” Prime MB5 Steak with Baked Sour Cream Potato, Baby Beans & Wildfire Bush Spiced Button Mushroom Sauce. P1295

“Ocean & Earth” Red Desert Dust Seared Jacks Creek Beef Tenderloin (MB3) with Lemon Myrtle Grilled Whole Lobster & Garlic Diane Sauce. Served with Arugula Parmesan Green Salad. P2695