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Fresh Squid Ink Pasta with Shrimp Scampi, Tomato, Basil, Lemon Juice and Olive Oil P495

Fresh Pumpkin Fettuccine with Broccoli, Toasted Walnuts, Toasted Almonds, Sundried Tomato, Olives & Fresh Lemon Herb Olive Oil P395

Aromatic Chickpea, Spinach & Roast Pumpkin Curry with Cherry Tomato, Garam Masala & Heirloom Bukidnon Adlai P425

Lightly Battered & Fried Boneless Bangus Belly with Turmeric Apple Cider Paksiw P395

Spanish Slow Braised Lamb Rioja with Garlic, Rosemary, Paprika, & Balsamic Vinegar served with Soft Potato Puree P795

Roast Crunchy Pork Belly Ribs served with Garlic Rice P595

House Classics

Chicken Bringhe, Turmeric & Vegetable Sticky Rice Cake, with Coconut & Raisins, Topped with Sautéed Chicken & Sprouts P395

Pistachio Encrusted Salmon with Japanese Inspired Soba Noodle Seaweed Salad P780

Medium Rare Seared Ostrich, Cranberry Mango Compote, Red Wine Tablea Jus & Grilled Polenta with Beetroot Puree P895

Truffled Squid and Prawn Risotto with Fragrant Herbs, Young Soy Beans and Turmeric P595

Sous Vide Beef Tenderloin Char-grilled  & served with Garlic Mash, Black Pepper Sauce & Laing simmered with Hibe (Dried Shrimps) P625

Char-grilled Beef

Australian Scotch Fillet P995

*Served with Roast Vegetables & Mashed Potatoes | Red Wine Jus or Black Pepper Sauce


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